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Who We Are

Squirrelseva is a controlled marketplace for retail buying and selling across India.

Squirrelseva has factories producing excellent selection of products as sellers who list their ready inventory stock for sale to shopkeepers across the country. We do this to eliminate the wholesalers and traders in between to get a 20-25% lower price for the shopkeepers by sourcing directly form manufacturers along with our tech enabled curation to provide fast selling designs. They can take advantage of our simple app or web interface to buy products for their retail outlets and get those without having to travel to different cities / manufacturing hubs or to buy at much higher prices from the wholesalers near them. We’ve put the entire wholesale buying process online to enable manufacturers & brands and retailers to drive incremental revenue, cut costs, improve their customer experience and analyze performance through data analytics.


For the shopkeepers, they only need to deal with one entity Squirrelseva to take care of entire order and returns experience while for the factories also itís a similar seamless experience where they only need to bill and coordinate with only Squirrelseva and we take care of the rest while everyone does their business with ease.

How We Work

Sqirrelseva is an online platform where retailers/shopkeepers can buy hasslefree.

And they reduce their procurements costs at better quality, from the convenience of his/her home/shop. From Sqirrelseva, a retailer can order products in bulk for reselling and the order will be delivered at his/her chosen place. The ordering process is pretty simple. Sign Up (if first time), or Login the website using your mobile number or email address. Select designs you wish to place the order for, and add them to your cart. Use filters, sorts, and search to get the desired products of your choice from our catalog. Once selection is complete, go to cart, click checkout and follow the steps to place the order with Squirrelseva and get Door Delivery done. Easy returns policy is provided post delivery of the Goods. Please review the Returns and Cancellation Policy.

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